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On the Facebook page and on the Handi Equi Compet CPEDI *** site in Deauville:

The French team in Bronze! This week-end, it was at CPEDI *** in Deauville that the para-trainers made their comeback! New riders will also follow in the coming months, like
Camille Jaguelin and Amandine Mazzoni who participated in their first international this weekend. The rider associated with Wimke (Grade IV) showed some beautiful things and said in particular: "I am very proud of my mare who did very well. We evolve on both days. At Team Test we were very tense but the next day I managed to solve this problem: I was more relaxed and Wimke more accessible. The federal staff is happy with our evolution, it is rather good sign for the future. I decided to do several international competitions this year and in particular those of Roosendaal (NED) and Somma Lombardo (ITA). "

French Riding Federation CPEDI 3 * in Roosendaal (NED):

Camille Jaguelin and Nathalie Bizet, best French representatives
Difficult competition for the French clan who was this weekend in the Netherlands to play the CPEDI 3 * Roosendaal. Fanny Delaval, head of the French para-dressage team, talks about the performance of his team in full reconstruction. Engaged individually, the young rider associated with his mare Wimke, indeed showed real abilities and a real desire to fight. The couple who took their first steps on international rectangles less than two months ago (CPEDI 3 * Deauville) is already in competition with their elders and has signed the best French performance of the Individual Grade IV Championship with 67.358%






Somma Lombardo's CPEDI *** was again successful in the French para-dressage team. In rank IV, the pillar of the team Jose Letartre and the youngest
Camille Jaguelin, were particularly brilliant, taking each test disputed the first or second place. The young rookie even allows himself to dethrone his senior by taking the lead of Team Test with a nice average of 69.458% against 68.375% for José Letartre. The experience of the latter will however play in his favor during the Individual Championship and Freestyle since it is maintained with averages of 70.122% and 72.292%. Camille Jaguelin has The Individual Championship rating at 69.675% and Freestyle at 64.458%. "The results of Camille Jaguelin are very encouraging. He has a real maturity on horseback and works hard to achieve his goals. For a very first freestyle, it's very positive. We are really building the future. The duo acquires experience with each new recovery, it is really trainer and we see progress on the CPEDI ", analysis Fanny Delaval, team leader of the French para-dressage





On the website of the FFE section The federal letter of the FFE PARA-DRESSAGE CPEDI 3 * D'UBERHERRN

From July 7th to 9th, CPEDI 3 * will take place in Uberherrn, Germany. An important step for the French clan, as it is their last chance to train and score points before the federal selection for the European para-dressage championships, which will take place from August 22nd to 27th in Gothenburg (SWE).
Camille Jaguelin, noticed at CPEDI Somma Lombardo (ITA), will go with Wimke, property of his rider, in grade IV.



Following the choice made by the Federal team of technical supervision, the French Federation of Equitation communicates the list of couples selected to represent France at the European Parachuting Championship which will take place from August 22 to 27 in Gothenburg (SWE). Composition of the selected couples: Grade I Thibault Stoclin & Uniek * HEC, property of Handi Equi 'Compet Association Grade II Céline Gerny & Landiro, owned by Sophie Gélard Bartolo Grade IV
Camille Jaguelin & Wimke, property of her rider José Letartre and Royal Swing * ENE-HN, owned by IFCE








Deadline for the French team, the European Para-Dressage Championships were completed Wednesday. With 60 pairs from 13 countries, the competition was tough and the level very high at this 2017 edition. Organized in an unusual new format, the events started with the Individual Championship, immediately putting the para-trainers in the competition.

Camille Jaguelin (Grade IV), who competed with Wimke, owned by her rider, finished 10th with a score of 66.256%. Thibault Stoclin (Grade I) and Uniek, owned by Handi Equi 'Compet, and Céline Gerny (Grade II) with Landiro, owned by Sophie Gélard Bartolo, finished respectively 10th and 6th with 66.929% and 66.617%.

Céline Gerny started on the tricolor side and received a score of 68.333%, ranking 4th in her category. "She was very noticed by her beautiful riding," explained Fanny Delaval, team leader of the French para-dressage.
Camille Jaguelin and José Letartre scored respectively 66.700% and 69.650%, placing them in 11th and 6th positions. As for Thibault Stoclin, he slipped to 9th place with a percentage of 66.607%. The combination of these performances allowed France to place 10th among the 13 nations engaged, with 204.683% in total.

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