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Source FFE High Level CPEDI 3 *** of DEAUVILLE FRA

From April 4 to 6, the best para-trainers were gathered at the International Pole of the Deauville Horse for the 8th edition of the Para-Equestrian Contest of Dressage International, the only 3-star competition in France, organized by the Handi Equi 'Compet association by delegation of the French Riding Federation, as is the case for all international competitions organized on national territory.

In individual Grade IV,
Camille Jaguelin started on her mare, Wimke. The young 18-year-old rider, currently attending the National Riding School in Saumur, is satisfied with his return. "I am very happy with my mare. Last year here, we participated together in our very first international. We had 62% and 69% is a good progression. For an early season, I'm happy, it's motivating. The mare still lacks a little balance, to be really gathered, but I take the time to build her back. I'm going to work so that she takes a little more strength to pass the 70% mark and finally get on the podium. Regarding the Free Resume in Music, I kept the track of my old Freestyle, I just changed the music, but the judges did not like this new music. I have to change to Waregem. "

The French para-trainers have an appointment in Waregem, Belgium, from April 19th to 22nd, for the 2nd CPEDI *** of the season.

Source FFE High Level CPEDI 3 *** of WARENGEM BEL

From April 19th to 22nd, seven French para-dressage riders continued their selection process towards the Tryon World Equestrian Games (USA), starting on the CPEDI 3 * of Waregem (Belgium), second of the six para-dressage competitions. International Dressage Equestrian (CPEDI) this season.

In Grade IV, Vladimir Vinchon and
Camille Jaguelin riding their own horses, respectively Tarantino Fleuri and Wimke, have had encouraging times for the rest of the season and are ranked between 4th and 7th each day. Concerning Grade V and Grade I, this Belgian CPEDI 3 *, organized by ASBL Quadrille, had only one French representative each time, respectively Estelle Guillet on Magic de Meuyrattes, owned by Alain Guillet, and Thibault Stoclin on Uniek * HEC, owned by the Handi Equi 'Compet association. Estelle Guillet progresses and gets 66,140% the first day then 66,262% the second. As for Thibault Stoclin, he ranks 7th in Freestyle on Sunday, with 67.134%.

The next major rendezvous for the French para-trainers will be the CPEDI 3 * from Mannheim (Germany), from 3 to 8 May, for the third international competition of the season, also qualifying for the major event of 2018: World Equestrian Games.

Source FFE High Level CPEDI 3 *** of MANNHEIM GER

Another podium for the French para-trainers: after a good 3rd place in the Waregem Nations Cup at the end of April, the blue jackets reiterate and climb on the third step of the podium at CPEDI 3 * Mannheim behind the formidable German and Dutch teams came with their best riders.
In individual, the competition was just as interesting with a very beautiful plateau in each of the grades disputed by the French: Grade II and Grade IV. Fanny Delaval, head of the para-training team and national technical adviser for the discipline, takes stock of this long weekend:

Camille Jaguelin took advantage of this CPEDI to do a work competition. He has a very good mare but it is quite electric and you have to stabilize it. The Mannheim track is not easy to ride, there are a lot of movements around that can distract the horses. So it was a very good exercise for the couple who came out with more experience.

Source L'É Monday, June 25, 2018

Hard blow for the young French para-blocker
Camille Jaguelin. The injury of his mare Wimke, who was originally to oust him only the deadline of the CPEDI Somma Lombardo, does not recover as expected. The rider has announced that he prefers to cross over the World Equestrian Games.

The 2018 competition season is unfortunately over for Camille Jaguelin and her mare Wimke

Last April, the team of France saw a young man smiling, dynamic and ambitious to join his ranks. With his mare Wimke, Camille Jaguelin exchanged his saddle of obstacle, then his discipline of predilection, against the rectangles of para-training. The goal of the young man was clear: to win, in the years to come, a selection for a major international championship.

After a season in 2017 during which the couple made their mark in competition,
Camille and Wimke started the 2018 season with flying colors in Deauville. Regular with three times rewarded at 69%, the couple had

Source L' Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Camille Jaguelin: "The most important goal remains Paris 2024"

Camille Jaguelin, was already traveling for the Europe of Gothenburg, at only seventeen years old.

Young hope of the French para-dressage,
Camille Jaguelin had to compose this season with an injury of his mare Wimke. Over several months, the pair saw a selection for Tryon but showed that they would have to rely on him for the coming seasons by winning in the French championship of the discipline there. a few weeks.

After a first year in the France team of para-dressage, led by
Wimke, the young Camille Jaguelin started the 2018 season with a specific goal: a selection for the JEM Tryon. Unfortunately, an injury to his mare has sidelined him a part of the year. "It was very hard morally," recalls Camille. "For a small hematoma, Wimke did not shoot in competition for nearly five months, it was all the harder for me that when she was injured, she was with me in Saumur (Camille spent her DEJEPS , which he validated, ed) and I had him repatriated to the Grand Pin Equestrian Domain in Vidauban, where we usually sleep, for the team I trusted to take care of her. I did not have my mare near me anymore, it was very nice to ride the school horses, but nothing to do with Wimke. " It must be said that the rider has a real relationship of trust with his horse and does not budge: "This is my mare of heart.Although the sports disappointment during his injury was present, the most important for me to that moment was to cure her. "

Once the disappointment passed,
Camille and her team have done everything possible to allow the girl from Wordly to return to its best level to reach their second goal of the year, the championships of France. "When I was trying to qualify for Tryon, I did not think of a world medal at all, I know how high the WEG level is, and I wanted to get more experience. France, I was aiming for the title! " And to put all the chances on their side, Camille and Wimke participated in a competition a few weeks before the national championship. "It was a para event in which I was the only one involved, so I do not know if we can really talk about competitions (laughs), but it was an opportunity to make him go around the track again. As it was not in front of international judges, I could really work during this recovery, without trying to really avoid mistakes, and I think that it was very beneficial! " A method that has borne fruit since at St Lô, on the occasion of the French para-dressage championship from 9 to 11 November, Camille took the lead in operations in grade IV from the first day, being the only one to pass the bar of 70%. He did not leave the pole position of the weekend and finished his championship with the excellent average of 72.542% and the national title to his list.

"Now I'm not thinking about Tryon, or even at the French championships, I'm delighted to have had this title, especially since this medal belongs as much to my parents, who support me every day, to my team at the stables. , to my coach Ludovic Martin, to
Wimke and I. It's really a team effort, but I'm already looking forward to the next season, we have things to improve: the quality of the gathering, the action in the elongated gallop, stability in attitude ... ". The young para-trainer has an appointment on December 11 for a federal internship. And if it obviously targets a selection for the European Championships in 2019, "the most important goal remains Paris 2024!".


Organized within the Grand National Dressage, the Para-Dressage French Championships were held this weekend at the Pole Hippique Saint-Lô and rewarded the best tricolor riders from Grade I to Grade V at the end of a preliminary rehearsals on Fridays, individual re-entries on Saturday and freestyle on Sunday.
They are crowned Champions of France:
Grade I: Amandine Mazzoni and Verden from Hanover, owned by Alexandre Lutz and Handi Cap Association on horseback
Grade II: Cloé Mislin & Don Caruso, owned by his rider
Grade III: Laurine Jalibert & Aston d'Argeville, owned by her rider
Grade IV:
Camille Jaguelin & Wimke, owned by his rider
Grade V: Mehdi Nouara & Bentley As
To highlight the great performance of
Camille Jaguelin and her mare Wimke who signed in Saint-Lô their great return to competition after the mare was stopped for veterinary reasons at the beginning of the summer season, thus depriving them of a potential selection for the World Equestrian Games in Tryon (USA). A blow to the rider who has bounced back and takes his revenge here. "I am very proud of Wimke! This title is the result of a real team work between her, me and my new coach Ludovic Martin. In addition to the title of Champion of France which I am extremely happy, I am happy to have passed the 70% mark on my covers and this before famous judges like Anne Prain. I feel like I have progressed again this weekend, I have never had the mare like that before. She was at work, very focused and with me from A to Z without being in the effort. We felt really serene, she presented herself very well. We prepared each test well with times of relaxation and different work each day. If I want to continue to earn points, it is imperative that I retain the morale and envy of Wimke, this is one of the keys to success, I am sure! "
This national deadline also represented the last competition of the season and thus allowed the federal team to draw an initial assessment of the year 2018 and to look towards 2019 whose major objective will be a qualification for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. .
 In Grade IV, we also had the chance to see Adib El Sarakby again who introduced us to Walk of Fame. Together, they unfold a beautiful championship and finish with a title of vice-champion of France behind
Camille Jaguelin and Wimke who signed their return. We are delighted to see the couple return to their best level. The mare was in great shape, the rider very precise, the occasions were well mounted. They worked hard and it felt on the track, there is a nice evolution. Congratulations to them!

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