History of the World Equestrian Games


The history of the World Equestrian Games is very recent since the first edition was organized in 1990.


It was however before this date that the idea of ​​the same world championship regrouping all the equestrian disciplines germinated in the spirit of the duke of Edinburgh, prince Philip.


He considered that the organization of independent championships at different dates and in places sometimes very far away was not very rewarding for the world of riding. Indeed, despite differences, all disciplines come together in the love and respect of the horse.


When he was President of the International Equestrian Federation, between 1964 and 1986, Prince Philip began to imagine what a single championship could give and it was a few years later in 1990 in Stockholm, Sweden that the first Equestrian Games Worlds have appeared.


The WEG is organized every four years, two years after the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and they last two weeks.


JEM disciplines   

Para-equestrian training.   


Complete riding competition (CEC)   





Aerobatics in a circle.