The history of the Paralympic Games.


The history of the Paralympic Games goes back to 1948, when Sir Ludwig Guttmann, a doctor working in Stoke Mandeville, England, organized an archery competition involving World War II veterans injured in the spinal cord, part of their rehabilitation program.


In 1952, the event took on an international dimension and since the 1960 Games in Rome, it has been held in the host country of the Olympic Games.


Since the 1988 Games in Seoul, the Paralympic Games have been held shortly after the Olympic Games, using the same venues and facilities. Although at the beginning, the Paralympic Games were part of a re-education process, this event has now become a very high level sports competition.


About the Paralympic Games. The Paralympic Games, aimed at athletes with disabilities, is a parallel event to the Olympic Games. They take place every four years following the Olympic Games and at the same place.


At the last edition of the 15th Paralympic Games in 2016 at RIO, the events regrouped 23 sports, 24 Disciplines, 528 Events and gathered 59 Nations.


The equestrian disciplines of the Paralympic Games. Para Dressage is the only discipline present at the Paralympic Games

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