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The first couples enter Group 1 and Group 2 para-dressage 08/02/2019 © FFE / EB


As announced in the Olympic and Paralympic sports project 2019-2024, the French Riding Federation is evolving its high level sports policy to make the teams of France more efficient. The FFE sets up Group 1 and Group 2 in each Olympic and Paralympic discipline to provide better sport readability. Groups 1 and 2 gather couples according to their sports performances, in compliance with the charter of high level sport of the FFE.


Fanny Delaval, CTN para-dressage: "We had called nine couples, but some could not be present because of a mistrust of their horse. The riders welcomed this new Masterclass project that was offered to them this year even though it put a bit of pressure on them. Our goal is to get them to their first international competition of the year, better prepared than usual. They will have already played in front of a judge with a final score. We are really in the reality of things. It also allows them to see where they are at a given moment. Depending on their performance, they will have to continue working to present themselves next time and earn more points. " Camille Jaguelin: "Since August I went back home near Toulon where I work with Ludovic Martin. My mare has evolved a lot, she is much calmer and more calm. For this new season, I will take the competitions one after the other, without putting pressure on me. I would also like to compete with the valid to diversify the figures. The concept of Masterclass is very good. It's great to be able to work with a judge like Carlos Lopes, it allows to have two outside looks with that of Philippe Célerier. They complement each other and bring us solutions. Everything is being done to make the France team progress, particularly in view of the Paris Olympics. "

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