What did you say about associating your image with that of a top athlete, sharing common values ​​or simply supporting me.

You wish to develop your external and / or internal communication, to make known your values ​​or to reinforce your notoriety, your image.

I propose several devices and different customizable formulas.

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Targets TOKYO 2020 - PARIS 2024

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The different collaboration devices.

A contract of sponsorship and image right, through a communication budget of your company.

A donation to the "Handi Equi Compet" Association of which I am a member. Your tax deduction is 60% for businesses and 66% for individuals.

A service contract, using the disability contribution budget.

Personalize your formula.


Sponsor of the ATTRAP'REVES Association, which helps sick or disabled children and their parents

Sponsor of the MORGATES, for the fundraising for PARA riders


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