My equestrian history begins at the age of 7, following my

Stroke after my birth that results in hemiplegia, right

congenital hemiparesis, that is to say a deficiency of movements

and lack of strength on this side. It's my parents who make me

discover horse riding, the origin for my rehabilitation in order

to learn to live better my handicap, and very quickly I dream

of being part of the team of France, championships of France,

Europe, the World and point of the Olympic Games, to win the

gold medal.  "I have a dream", it appeared to me quickly for

multiple reasons, that I could not go to the end of my dream in

valid circuit, determined so I decided to become the 1st

individual gold medalist PARA French Dressage at the Paralympic Games, and to make "My Handicap the Strength  of My Future!", my motto. Thus, in September 2015 volunteer at the European Championships in DEAUVILLE, I get in touch with the team leader and the national coach.   March 2017, associated with my mare WIMKE, I make my first steps as a member of the Team of France PARA-Dressage (Grade IV) at only 17 years old.   The next years will see the continuity of the Internationals with each year a major goal of national selection such as Championships in France, Europe, World and Paralympic Games, but also my professional path.

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